Liberals hate America because the corporate-sponsored right wing loudmouths need a dangerous enemy to rant about so that can they slip through laws and policies that are not in the interest of the majority of Americans. They used to blame the communists, but since the end of the cold war that doesn’t work as well. Liberals, foreign terrorists, and democratic socialists are now the needed outside enemy.

Liberals, of course, actually are the ones who have given us most of the best things in America. Liberals ended slavery. Liberals gave women the right to vote, and before that the right…


First, note that as a scientist, I am convinced that not all information is equally correct. Some people think that all opinions are equally valid and it is OK to…

It’s full speed ahead for those who brought us the successful campaigns against tobacco industry regulation and climate change action.

Kim Griest: May 2020

Several friends have asked me why so many people continue to believe nonsense pseudo-science, such as that 5G is a terrible danger to society causing covid-19 symptoms, or that covid-19 was made in a government lab so that microchips can be implanted with the vaccine, even though the science is so clear on these questions. And why is there so much pseudo-science on Facebook, youtube, and the internet in general? Here is my very brief attempt at an answer.

First some important background. The billionaire libertarians (Rupert Murdoch, Charles Koch, Robert Mercer, Adelson, Scaife, Coors, etc.) together with large corporations…

20 December 2019

People don’t like it when I tell them that many of the world’s problems are due to wealthy people, and that we need to take away the wealth of rich people through extreme taxation and strict laws.

Consider Bill Gates with a fortune of around 106 billion dollars. He recently complained about Elizabeth Warren’s proposed tax of 2% on wealth over 50 million dollars and 3% on wealth over a billion dollars. That tax would cost him about $3 billion dollars per year. Suppose his wealth is mostly invested and gets a return of 5%/year, then, under…

Kim Griest: 19 October 2019

Many of the world’s problems are easy to fix. I give some examples below, arranged in order from easiest to hardest.

1. Climate change/global warming is easy to fix.

Starting this year put a $30/ton carbon tax on coal, oil, natural gas and all fossil fuels that produce carbon dioxide when burned. This works out to about $30 on each 100 gallons of gasoline, adding about 30 cents per gallon. Increase this tax by $30 a year for 10 years, for a final tax of $300/ton ($3/gallon). At this point solar and wind energy would be much cheaper than fossil fuels and normal…

Many people I’ve met have concluded that it is getting harder to “make it” in America. When I was a kid in the 1970’s our neighbor worked as a butcher at a chain grocery store and was able to own a nice house, support his wife and two kids, and live a comfortable life, purely on the basis of wages he received. This was typical in my neighborhood; regular working people without advanced degrees could live well in America. Now, people who work 40 hours/week…

Kim Griest

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